This World map shows the country and the frequency of people dying of starvation, waterborne diseases and AIDS. One person every other second needlessly dies. Approximately 85% of them are children.

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One Every
Other Second

They're dying of starvation

One every other second

They're praying for salvation

From the misery
they're born in

But we turn our backs

Having our own problems getting by

Avoiding the horrid facts

While the 3rd world babies cry

Till death

© Mark R. Elsis

Starvation Deaths This Year

The Three Top Sins
Of The Universe

by Mark R. Elsis,, February 9, 2002

On Tuesday September 11, 2001, at least 35,615 of our brother and sisters died from the worst possible death, starvation. Somewhere around 85% of these starvation deaths occur in children 5 years of age or younger. Why are we letting at least 30,273 of the most beautiful children die the worst possible death everyday? Every 2.43 seconds another one of our fellow brothers and sisters dies of starvation. Starvation doesn't just happen on Tuesday September 11, 2001, it happens everyday, 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, it never stops.

Terrorism vs. Starvation Charts

The number 35,615 is a conservatively low number for the barbarically needless daily deaths the poorest of the poor die. If we were to add the next two leading ways the poorest of the poor die, water borne diseases and AIDS, we would be approaching a daily body count of 50,000 deaths. Yes, upwards of 50,000 people per day are needlessly dying on Earth. These deaths are dictated by the greed of a very few, and the rest of us are not changing it -- or this ultimate sin wouldn't be happening, now would it? Let us not forget that the vast majority of these needless deaths are of children 5 years of age and under. One person every 2 seconds needlessly dies from starvation, water borne diseases or AIDS. I know Harry Chapin and George Harrison are both looking down on this travesty and are really pissed off.

If the truth be known, not only did these fellow humans die the worst imaginable death, in fact they were, and always are, very quietly being murdered. This heinous, barbaric sin is mainly perpetrated by an elite few, the extremely rich and powerful megalomaniacs of the ultimate oligarchy -- the illuminati. But the inherent greed that is allowing this daily mass murdering of our fellow human beings is based in the roots of capitalism itself. This means we all have the blood of the tens of thousands of innocent children on our hands every minute of every day. This is not very good karma for us. We must quickly put an end to our relentlessly heinous and barbaric slaughtering of our own species children.

On Tuesday September 11, 2001, another one of the three top sins of the universe occurred. Our species, Homo sapiens, blatantly caused approximately 578 species of the web of life to go extinct. This extinction rate equals one species of life going extinct every 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Millions of people are at work legally day and night, quickly destroying the richest place there is for life on Earth, the Rainforests. For every legal worker there are perhaps as many as 5 illegal workers destroying the Rainforests. Our species reckless expansion into the virgin Rainforests are causing countless atrocities to all life sustaining ecosystems. The virgin Rainforests are home to 61.8% of all the biological diversity on Earth. In this, the richest environment for life, we are destroying a land area which is equivalent to the size of the city of Tokyo Japan ( 240 square miles ) every day. This equals 6417 acres per hour, 107 acres per minute or 1.78 acres per second.

Someday very soon we will pay the ultimate price for this sin. Someday very soon when we make yet another species go extinct from the web of life. Perhaps this has already happened or perhaps it will happen tomorrow. Most likely it will happen between 2012 to 2016 when we will reach the 10% / 50% Safeguard Threshold Providence. ( This is when there will be only 10% virgin Rainforests land area left -- but yet nature still magically retaining 50% of its species. For a full explanation of this, please read )

That extinction will finally break the camel's back. The safeguard demarcation line inherent in nature to preserve biodiversity will have been passed. It is then we will have passed our own species Omega point. We will have caused the irreversible damage to the interdependence between all life, akin to taking out the keystone species in every environment. It will result in an ever quickening array of cascading failures, which will spiral out of control throughout Earth's ecosystems.

Intentionally causing the extinction of another life form is the top sin of the universe. Homo sapiens are causing mass species extinctions. So many life forms are being extinguished, that we are now well into what is called the sixth mass extinction period. The ramifications for breaking this top sin of the universe with blatant and reckless abandon will of course be, our own species extinction.

On September 11, 2001, the final one of the three top sins of the universe occurred. This was the Big Lie of murdering thousands, as a cover for a grab at total world control. The elite few who are the extremely rich and powerful megalomaniacs of the ultimate oligarchy, the illuminati, played wag the dog for their own ultimate geopolitical purpose, the complete domination of the world, or otherwise known as the New World Order globalization.

Understand the history of the United States over the last century. The Big Lie murder of 3000 victims of September 11th was akin to USS Maine in 1898, the Lusitania in 1915, Pearl Harbor in 1941, Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 and the 300 babies slaughtered in their incubators in 1991. Perhaps you should also read about Operation Northwoods from 1962, and

The total disregard for our fellow human life and for all the other species of life on Earth is utter insanity. We will not last too much longer if we allow this to happen on our watch. We must, of course, finally look at ourselves in the mirror and see that we must change or go extinct.

Meanwhile polls say that 86% of the people in the United States can't seem to face up to any one these three sins, they just want to go kick some ass. Well, in war time kicking ass is otherwise known as killing innocent woman and children. How many of these 86% do you think will even want to realize that the majority of the casualties of war are not soldiers but innocent victims, mostly the elderly, woman and children. To all of the practicing Christians and Jews amongst the 86%, what ever happened to the Sixth Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill? Is there something about that phrase you don't understand?

Why do you think the United States Government will spend more on the military in fiscal year 2003, than all the rest of the countries on Earth combined? Current expenditures are 437 billion and our past obligations are 339 billion, this equals 776 billion. Forty-six percent of our Taxes go to the Military Industrial Complex:
This figure doesn't even begin to account for all of the off-budget, black projects, nor the 40+ billion the United States will spend on intelligence in 2003.

Within just the last fifty years, starting with Iran and Guatemala in the early 1950's through today, our military has murdered at least 8 million people. We have created dozens of wars to establish supposedly Democratically elected governments in other countries. Well it is not done for democratic purposes, but quite to the contrary, it is done for only one thing, corporate profits.

Perhaps keeping yourself blind to all the facts about these three top sins of the universe will keep you in ignorant bliss. Perhaps going to your place of worship every day or once per week will keep you in ignorant bliss. Perhaps going around waving the U.S. flag, or wearing a U.S. flag will keep you in ignorant bliss. Perhaps listening to the corporate war hungry media will keep you in ignorant bliss. Perhaps you like to live in your own little world of ignorant bliss.

Or you can open your eyes, hearts and minds to the logical understanding that we must stop this greedy murdering capitalism as quickly as we possibly can. We must stop these three top sins of the universe from happening over and over every second of every day. Or we will very soon pay the ultimate price for our greed and silence, our own extinction.

If you would like to be part of the population who cares, and wants to make a difference, please make daily visits to Where all the best click to donate for free sites are listed together. In only five minutes per day, you can make a significant contribution and help to change the world for the better.


Imagine there's no heaven,
it's easy if you try,
No hell below us,
above us only sky,
Imagine all the people,
living for today.
Imagine there's no countries,
it isn't hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
and no religion too,
Imagine all the people,
living life in peace.
You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one,
I hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will be as one.

Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
a brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people,
sharing all the world.
You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one,
I hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will live as one.

Love Is The Answer

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Is the Executive Director
With Eleven Hundred
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